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TPL Trading - spare parts for trucks and buses

TPL Trading was established in 1995, since which time it has traded in wholesale spare parts from domestic and foreign manufacturers. We became a member of the TTV Group in 2009, thereby completing the portfolio of services provided by this group. At present, the group offers a highly specialized range of spare parts for trucks, which are distributed wholesale throughout the Czech Republic.

It's the little things in life that matter!

“We treat our existing and new clients with maximum care and attention, as the transport sector does not give second chances. We build strong client relationships — our goal is customer satisfaction."

Company owner Josef Hlaváček
Manager of TPL Jiří Bahník

Specialized range of high-quality and tested spare parts

TPL Trading offers a specialized range of products for securing cargo and spare parts — brakes, air springs, plastic parts and other accessories. You can let TPL Trading be the brakes for your company and offer you proven quality.Přehled lvšech náhradních dílů - vstup do katalogu

Safety is our number one priority

  1. ...nothing is more important than a smooth ride.
  2. one can finish a journey without good-quality brakes.
  3. ...TPL specializes in high-quality brakes.
  4. ...TPL can fit brakes on your vehicles at any time.
  5. ...even if you fit the brakes yourself, it's always worth it!

Quality brakes for safe driving without worry

TPL Trading specializes in vehicle brakes. High-quality braking equipment is the basis for safe transport.

Brakes and spare parts from TPL Trading are reliably used throughout the entire TTV truck fleet.