TPL Trading - we brake with you!

TPL Trading (Part Truck Line Trading) was founded in 1995 and since then has focused on brakes and brake linings for trucks. The brake range has since been extended by additional safety technology and truck parts such as air springs, plastic parts and additional products.

In 2009, the TPL Trading Company became a member of the TTV group, where its concept is fully incorporated into the synergy of the group's activities. TPL provides wholesale services for spare parts and facilities for the whole TTV group, where the parts are tested and subsequently used within its own fleet.


At present, TPL Trading offers a highly specialized range of spare parts and primarily supplies wholesalers in the domestic market. Spare parts are directly supplied by European and global producers; therefore, there is no further intermediary involvement, meaning that TPL can offer competitive prices.

Why the camel?

The company headquarters, with warehouse space of 800 m2, is located in Kostelec nad Orlici. This is where the cars with spare parts arrive, rather like when a camel arrives with supplies after a long journey through the desert. The distribution route spans all regions where consignment stores and regular customers are supplied.